Meet Bankruptcy Attorney Christopher H. Ariano

“At no point during my legal training did I learn that customer service could be sacrificed or that attorneys should disregard the concerns of their clients. That is why I am appalled to hear how clients are treated in some of the larger local firms. I do my best by my clients and like to believe I am breaking the mold with every case I handle. I am proud to work for you…”

Meet bankruptcy lawyer Christopher Ariano. Many characterize Mr. Ariano, or Chris as he likes to be called, as a modern and progressive member of the legal community. In fact, clients have said he is a “new breed of attorney” and a “breath of fresh air in a sometimes stagnant profession.” These powerful words perfectly describe this fine attorney.

Chris takes a deliberate and straightforward approach to the practice of bankruptcy law. He thoroughly familiarizes himself with the case at hand before providing his no-nonsense legal recommendations. He never pressures clients into filing for bankruptcy protection and always considers non-bankruptcy routes towards debt management.

Many new clients are impressed by the open lines of communication that Chris maintains. If you have a question about your bankruptcy case, there is no reason to sit in wonder. Instead, simply pick up the phone. Chances are, you will reach Chris directly on the first call. If you prefer to communicate online, Chris is always available by email and live online chat.

If you would like to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with Chris, don’t hesitate to contact the law office of Ariano & Associates today. Convenient evening/weekend appointments, home visits, and phone consultations are available, so as not to disrupt your hectic schedule.

Comfort is knowing that your Phoenix bankruptcy case is in good hands.

We offer clients a fresh alternative to the often impersonal and generic law practiced at larger firms. Unlike many practices, our attorneys personally handle your matter and remain in communication throughout the process.

Recognizing that legal issues can arise outside of the standard work week, our attorneys remain on call after hours. Evening and weekend appointments, phone consultations, and home visits are utilized by clients unavailable during the work week.

The bankruptcy attorneys of Ariano & Associates understand the stress inherent in filing for bankruptcy. While they cannot eliminate this completely, your Phoenix lawyer will work diligently on your matter, utilizing knowledge and experience to attain the best possible outcome.

The Attorneys of Ariano & Associates, PLLC follow the client pledge outlined below:

  1. We provide free initial consultations for all.
  2. We will advise you of non-bankruptcy options.
  3. We will handle your case in an expedient manner.
  4. We will promptly communicate any case updates.
  5. We will effectively use knowledge of local law.
  6. All concerns will be addressed promptly.
  7. We answer calls and return e-mails promptly.
  8. We offer convenient, flat-fee payment options.
  9. We will match competitor’s fees when possible.
  10. We will think outside the box when needed.
  11. Our attorneys personally handle your case.